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Horse Welfare Policy


Horse welfare is related to the general care and well-being of horses and is not limited to extreme cases of neglect. Event organisers need to be aware of the wider community expectations in relation to how horses are generally cared for and treated. It is important that event organisers consider the general well-being of horses when attending Australian Stock Horse events. With increased digital technology and electronic media, an unfortunate accident involving a horse could make global headlines for all the wrong reasons. As a result, it is important that event organisers have a response plan for any situation, as well as the general welfare of any horse attending the event.
All Branches and Management Councils need to appoint a person or persons to officiate at their ASH event or activity as a Horse Welfare Officer. The Society’s Horse Welfare Officer policy will assist organising committees in being prepared for situations and it outlines situations that should NOT be considered humane or good horsemanship and should not be tolerated. It also gives advice on what items to have available in the case of an emergency. 

Persons who compete in Australian Stock Horse competitions and our Branches or Management Councils who organising events are the most critical component of our Society. These are the persons who present the image of the Society to the general public. By accepting these responsibilities and practices, it will continue the good image of the Society in years to come.
The relevant documents to review are as follows:

Horse Welfare Officer Policy Click here
Australian Horse Welfare Protocol Click Here