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Guide to Online Stud Book

To search registration, obtain pedigree and progeny listings, identification by markings and brands ownership, and the like, click the below link:





STEP 1 - Choose the type of enquiry

Click on Horse Enquiry in the grey box on the top of the screen (there is also the option to search by Member Enquiry or Sale Catalogues by clicking on those options).

STEP 2 - How to search for a horse by name

Type the horse's name in the name field and then click the search button. If no horses have listed, please consider that the name you typed is different to the way the horse is registered.

Consider the following:

Name is spelt incorrectly - STAR BLACK MINSTREL, should be STAR BLACK MINSTRIL (spelt 'il' not 'el'). Type STAR BLACK and all horses starting with STAR BLACK will appear. Some horse names have been registered the way they sound or have been spelt creatively. For example: CEENTEE, SPINDERELLA, KRISS KROSS, SOONA, DEKAID, HEZA.

Incorrect spacing in name - RIVER VIEW SNOWY, should be RIVERVIEW (one word) SNOWY, or GLENLEE RAIN DANCE, should be GLEN LEE (two words) RAINDANCE (one word).

Name is incomplete - RIVOLI REX, should be YALLATUP RIVOLI REX. Type % Rivoli Rex and all horses with RIVOLI REX in their name will appear.

Dots, dashes or apostrophes - must not be included in the name when searching.

It is important to limit the number of fields used. If you know the horse's name, then only this field should be required for the search.

NUMBER OF RECORDS RETRIEVED: The search will initially list fifteen horses on the screen and all searches have a maximum retrieval of 400 records. Look at the left-hand corner of the grey box on the top of the screen, it will show how many records have been retrieved. If your search has exceeded the maximum of 400 records, you will need to further refine the search data so less than 400 horses are retrieved.

SHOW ALL RETRIEVED ENTRIES: To see all the horses retrieved in the search, click on SHOW ALL ENTRIES in the left-hand corner of the grey box on the top of the screen and then use the scroll button on the right-hand side to reveal the horses.

STEP 3 - To see the horse's details

If your search was successful, a horse or a list of horses should appear - click on the horse's name to show the horse's details. Use your scroll bar on the right of the screen to see the horse's full details.

STEP 4 - Next enquiry

Click on the type of enquiry required in the grey box on the top of the screen: Horse Enquiry, Member Enquiry or Sale Catalogues.


What does competition status mean?

To be eligible to compete in an Australian Stock Horse event, the Online Stud Book must indicate the competition status field as ELIGIBLE. Horses that are NOT ELIGIBLE may be either deceased, owner unfinancial, sold to a non-Member, registration suspended, only foal recorded or registered for breeding purposes only on Society Records.

What does Not Parentage Verified mean?

DNA Recorded horses will indicate "Not Parentage Verified" as parentage was not verified through DNA. It is Society policy to only DNA Record horses born before 1st August 2005. DNA Recording is a process to identify one horse's individual DNA, so that future progeny can be DNA Tested.

DNA Tested horses will indicate Sire Verified, Dam Verified or Parentage Verified - depending on whether one or both parents have been previously DNA Recorded. DNA Testing is a process to identify one horse's individual DNA and compare the DNA data with parents to enable the horse in question to be verified.

How to access a list progeny for a specified horse?

Follow the first three steps to locate the specified horse. If the horse has progeny, you will notice a link for progeny as part of the horse's details, for example: [number - to view]. Click on the number to view - then progeny of the horse will be listed.

What are the letters (FS, FM, IS, IM) after horse names?

The Society identifies Foundation and Impact horses with coding after their names. These horses have been recognised by the Society due to their impact on the breed and identified with specific codes as suffixes to their names as follows:

  • FS - Foundation Sire
  • IS - Impact Sire
  • FM - Foundation Mare
  • IM - Impact Mare

What are the numbers (001, 01, 02, 03, etc) after unregistered horse names?

In relation to the ancestry of Australian Stock Horses, many unregistered horses that appear in pedigrees had the same name as other unregistered horses with different bloodlines. As a result, unregistered horses are now identified by name with a suffix number, as follows:

  • Unregistered horses with NO breeding - stallions [horse name 001] and mares [horse name 01].
  • Unregistered horses with parentage are recorded as [horse name 02], [horse name 03], [horse name 04], etc. Unregistered horses by the same name with a different bloodline are created with a different number suffix.

The suffix numbers 02, 03, 04, etc have NO specific meaning, other than providing a system for the further generations to be identified. The pedigrees for unregistered horses with NO number suffix have not been updated. Bloodlines of unregistered are reliant on the information provided by Members on the original Application for Registration of a descendant.

How do I obtain the owner's contact details?

Providing the Member has authorised their details to be published on the website, from the horse details screen, click on the current owner's name to obtain their address, telephone number and email details (if available). Many Members have not authorised the Society to place their details on the Online Stud Book. For this reason, some Members' contact details are not available through the site and it would be necessary to contact the Society for assistance.

Why do some horses have photographs?

Members may apply to have one photograph or a replacement photograph loaded onto the Online Stud Book. A good quality colour picture of the horse (photograph or in digital format a JPEG file) must be forwarded to the Society together with the upload fee of $20.00. Vendors at Approved ASH Sales are offered the opportunity to have a photograph uploaded at no cost, providing the photograph or disk with JPEG file is submitted with the Sale Nomination.

What are the horse's brands and markings?

Horses registered in recent years will have a link in the top right-hand corner of horse details or underneath the photograph - click on the link View Markings and a horse diagram will appear showing the horse's markings and brands.


Horse information contained on this site is based on details provided to The Australian Stock Horse Society by Members for the purpose of the Society's record keeping. Whilst exercising due care, the Society is unable to guarantee the accuracy or authenticity of such information and cannot accept any responsibility for reliance by any person upon any of the information.  COPYRIGHT - Images displayed on this Site are subject to Copyright Law. Reproduction of images is not allowed without permission.