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Approved Sales

  • All horses must be Australian Stock Horse Registered at the time of nomination. If the horse’s registration has not been finalised by the close of nominations, the horse will not be accepted into the catalogue.
  • The name of the Vendor must be the same as the name of the Registered Owner which the horse is currently registered with the Society. The Registered Owner must be an ASHS Financial Member at the time of nomination and sale.
  • In nominating a horse, vendors acknowledge the Australian Stock Horse Society Conditions for Approved ASH Sales, Sale organiser rules and accept the agent's terms of sale.

Swan Cup Polocrosse Incentive Sale
Live & Online
17th July 2022
Nominations Open 1st May 2022
Inverell Polocrosse Grounds

Sale held onsite if cancelled will be held online.
Registered Australian Stock Horse only.
All horses must be ridden.

 Sale Agent - Nutrien Ag Solutions Limited - ABN 73 008 743 217
Phone:  02 6765 5211