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Transferring or Leasing a Horse

For CONTINUITY OF REGISTRATION, the change of Registered Owner must be completed on Society records. To ensure the transfer is finalised, we provide the following important points:

SALE AGREEMENT in writing prior to purchase, listing the terms and conditions of sale, all parties to sign. Members may seek assistance from a legal advisor to form an agreement.

SIGNED TRANSFER - The Nominee for the Last Registered Owner of the horse must sign the Transfer Application and return it to the Society once sale obligations are finalised (cleared payment for purchase). If a horse is purchased by multiple members, a Syndicate Transfer Application is required.

CERTIFICATE - The vendor must return the horse’s original Certificate of Registration to the Society with the signed Transfer Application.

FINANCIAL MEMBER - The New Owner must be a Financial Member of the Society. Transfers will not be affected to unfinancial or non-members of the Society.

TRANSFER FEE - Payment of the transfer fee (Australian Dollars) is an agreement between the vendor and purchaser. If payment is not received from the Vendor, it will be assumed the purchaser will pay the fee.

Once the signed Transfer Application is received, the horse’s registration will be transferred from the vendor’s membership and held until such times as the transfer to the new owner is finalised. When finalised, the Certificate of Registration will be released to the New Owner.