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Registration & Inspection Forms

Important Information

  • An Application for Registration will be determined in accordance with the rules and eligibility criteria at the date of application. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that all requirements for registration are submitted. Any member submitting an incomplete or incorrect application will be charged an administration fee. Any application not finalised within twelve months will be cancelled and no refund will apply.
  • All horses accepted for Stud Book registration will have FULL COMPETITION RIGHTS, providing the owner remains a financial member of the Society. Horse registrations are SUSPENDED if the Registered Owner DOES NOT remain a Financial Member, or the horse is sold and not officially transferred.
  • All stallions or colts being Sire Registered will require 6-panel Genetic Disorder testing. Any horse that returns a Positive Test as a carrier or affected for a Genetic Disorder will be REJECTED for Sire Registration.
  • In relation to a cancellation request, if the application is unprocessed; the registration fee less an administration fee will be refunded. If the application has been processed (completed, incomplete or incorrect letter), no refund will apply.
  • The owner must advise the Society of any errors within 30 days of processing, with identification or anomalies that are inconsistent with the application - no charge. Members may amend a horse’s name within 30 days of registration, providing the horse has not been shown or sold as a Registered Australian Stock Horse - fees apply.