The Australian Stock Horse Society

The Australian Stock Horse Society was established in 1971 in Scone, New South Wales with the aim of preserving and promoting the bloodlines of the Australian Stock Horse, recognised for its versatility and superior performance amongst work and leisure breeds. Today the Society is Australia's largest equine recreational and pleasure association, with a loyal and growing membership of more than 9,500 individuals and in excess of 180,000 registered horses in the Stud Book.

Banner Photo Credit (L-R): Leo McGuire, Julie Wilson, Geoff Bateman, Narelle Wockner.

SIRE REGISTERED STALLIONS - must be 6 panel Genetic Disorder tested by 1st August 2019. If not tested by 1st August 2019, Sire Registration will be SUSPENDED until testing is completed. To arrange testing, contact the ASHS office with the horse’s name, number and credit card details.  Genetic Disorder Testing Costs for Sire Registered Stallions are as follows:

$130   Genetic Disorder Tests - already DNA Profiled with ASHS 
$225   Genetic Disorder Tests - NOT previously DNA Profiled with ASHS, includes verification.

If a new sample is required under any circumstance, an additional $65 is required.

Sire Registration – SUSPENDED

Don't let this happen to you, if your stallion is not 6 panel Genetic Disorder Tested with the Society by 1st August.
All ASH privileges for suspended stallions will be withdrawn immediately, including:
·         Eligibility for ASH competitions, sales, promotions and awards.
·         The stallion’s eligibility for breeding will also be suspended.
Ensure you arrange the testing asap, to enable sufficient time for processing.