Branch Facilitators

Branch Facilitator

The Branch Facilitator scheme was introduced in 2011. In order to facilitate an Australian Stock Horse Society sanctioned events. The Branch Facilitators volunteer their time to oversee and assist Branches at practice and training days. To ensure that a safe, fair and controlled environment is in place for all participants and Committee. For full details of the Rules and Regulations relating to Branch Facilitators - see the Events Rules and Regulations, Section 2.

Click here for a list of ASHS Branch Facilitator.

Click here to view the ASHS Branch Facilitator Code of Conduct.

Branch Facilitator Training

Are you interested in becoming an Approved Branch Facilitator of The Australian Stock Horse Society?  Do you have effective communications skills and ten years of experience with horses in ASHS disciplines?  Have a broad knowledge of horse management and care?  Enjoy helping people learn in a safe and controlled environment? Then being a Branch Facilitator might be for you.

To begin your training pathway Click here to complete a Branch Facilitator Application Form.  It’s free for any Adult Member to get involved.

To complete your training you will be invited to join the Branch Facilitators Online course.  When you have completed the components of the Branch Facilitators online training course you will be invited to join our Branch Facilitators list and act in this capacity at Branch organised events.