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Society Announcement - ASHS Chief Executive Officer

“The Board takes great pleasure in announcing to the Membership that Steve Guihot has been appointed as our new CEO. Steve will be commencing duties on 2nd January 2019”.

Steve has had previous experience in the Society's CEO position and is looking forward to working with the current Board and office staff.

Larry Cutler - ASHS Chairman of the Board

Funeral Notice - Mr David Wilson

It is with deep sadness, we advise the passing of Mr David Wilson. David passed away on Friday, 16th November 2018 after a long courageous battle with cancer.

David was a highly respected, long-standing Member of the Society and dedicated 17 consecutive years to the ASHS Board of Directors. He was a Gold Member, an ASHS Level 2 Judge & Assessor, a Prominent Breeder and a very successful competitor.

David supported and encouraged Members, both nationally and internationally. He will be greatly missed and will be long remembered.

Our thoughts are with Sue and the family.

David’s funeral will be held on Friday, 23rd November at 11am at the Presbyterian Church in Gilgandra, NSW.

ASHS Early Bird Draw

Congratulations to the following winners of our ASHS Membership Renewal Early Bird Draw. Each winner received a $400 EFTPOS Gift Card, and those Members who renewed online also received an additional $150 ASHS Gift Card.

Week 1: Mrs Cissy Bright, Warwick, QLD - EFTPOS & ASHS Gift Card
Week 2: Mr Brent Tyler, Wellington Mill, WA - EFTPOS Card
Week 3: Mr Robert Pout, Gruyere, VIC - EFTPOS Card
Week 4: Mr Luke Quaid, Mourilyan, QLD - EFTPOS & ASHS Gift Card
Week 5: Mr Sam Newsome, Loomberah, NSW - EFTPOS Card
Week 6:The Carman Family of Holbrook, NSW - EFTPOS & ASHS Card

Letter from the ASHS Board - Social Media

The Society provides an official Facebook page to Members for the opportunity for the Society and its Members to share up-to-date information, share positive aspects and good news stories with the wider Stock Horse community. This is a privilege that has been and is being abused by some Members. The Society has a Social Media Policy which prohibits this conduct and Members who continue to post inappropriate comments, inaccurate or misleading information or make derogatory or defamatory comments about the Society, its Members, Directors, Staff, Officials, Judges, Volunteers or other organisations will face disciplinary action and will be refused access to this Page. Reference by Members to the registration of horses with other organisations is deemed inappropriate.

ASHS Senior Vice Chairman, Craig Young for and on behalf of the ASHS Board of Directors.

Members Ballot Results - Regulation Change for the Reintroduction of First Cross Stallions

I wish to advise that the result of the ballot was as follows:

Yes - 691
No - 790
Informal - 40
Total - 1,521

The question was therefore resolved in the negative.

Yours Faithfully,

Paul Heaton
Rose & Partners (Ballot Scrutineers)

Click to view the Official results.

ASHS Chief Executive Officer - Letter to the Members

Dear Members and Friends of the Society,

Recently, I advised the Board of my decision to tender my resignation as Chief Executive Officer. After nearly four years in the role, I have decided to pursue an opportunity in the local government sector, driving economic development and tourism into the Upper Hunter region. Having moved from Sydney, New South Wales in early 2015, as a family we have found our home in Scone and I am excited at the prospect of making a contribution to the further development of the area.

It has been a privilege to serve as your CEO and I am thankful for the support I have received from the Board of Directors, ASHS Staff and you, the Members. I have many fond memories from my time and have gained a far greater appreciation for our iconic Australian Stock Horse. I have had the pleasure of meeting so many terrific people involved with the Society and the equine industry. It seems fitting that my last official engagement was attending the 2018 ASHS National Youth Show in Camden, NSW. The Opening Ceremony was a sight to behold, with a fabulous musical flag ride followed by an impressive line-up of competitors, all looking immaculate and mounted on a wonderful representation of the breed.

I will miss many things about the Society, from attending events and engaging with Members to taking the obligatory ‘selfie’ with the National Junior Judging Finalists at Sydney Royal!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone all the very best as we continue to battle through the drought, and know that I will remain a staunch advocate of the Society and the Breed.

Kind Regards,
David Gatwood

ASHS Chief Executive Officer - Resignation

ASHS Chief Executive Officer, David Gatwood, has tendered his resignation after three years and nine months in the role. David will be moving to the Upper Hunter Shire Council in the role of Economic Development and Tourism. David’s last day will be Friday, 26th October 2018, so please join us in thanking David for his time and effort in his role and wish him and his family all the very best for the future.

The Board will commence recruitment for the CEO position in due course. In the interim, the Society’s Finance & Administration Manager, Susan Haggarty, will take over the management of Head Office and liaise with the Board of Directors.

2018 ASHS AGM Motion 6 Important Notice

Dear Members,

At the recent ASHS Annual General Meeting, Members were presented with a number of special business items to consider and vote on.

One of those being Motion 6 (The Membership Vote on the Reintroduction of the Registration of First Cross Stallions - Regulation change). Unfortunately, this Motion was not captured in the Notice of Meeting and original proxy form, and therefore it has been determined that all eligible voting Members were not given every opportunity to cast a vote.

As a result, the Board proposes pursuant to the power at clause 7.15 of the Constitution to now "consult the Members... by ballot in lieu of a General Meeting" on the ongoing issue concerning the reintroduction of registration of First Cross Stallions.

You will soon be receiving a mailing containing a covering letter, a ballot paper for completion and a self-addressed return envelope. Please take the time to read the information and visit the ASHS website for further details.

For those Members who have viewed the document titled, 'Members Special Resolution' posted on various Facebook pages, please be assured the Board is diligent in its corporate governance and compliance. The document includes a number of unfounded claims, by way of example the ASHS Office email address not functioning on the morning of Thursday 26th July, which is incorrect. As CEO, I acted on the mistaken belief that by electronically broadcasting the revised proxy form including Motion 6, this was compliant with our Constitution and the Act and I take full responsibility for the error.

The Board has over an extended 12 month period consulted the Membership of its consideration(s) regarding the reintroduction of registration of First Cross Stallions. This has included, but is not limited to the following:

  • the presentation made to Members at the 2017 ASHS AGM;
  • the questionnaire circulated at the 2017 ASHS AGM;
  • a revised questionnaire circulated to Members at the 2017 Dalby Stock Horse Sale;
  • the June 2018 E-newsletter;
  • ASHS website notifications ending on 24 July 2018; and
  • the further presentation made at the 2018 ASHS AGM

I trust this clarifies the matter and I encourage you to consider the options and cast your vote.

Please note for your vote to be counted it must reach the Returning Officer by 4pm Friday, 12th October 2018.

Kind Regards
Chief Executive Officer

Funeral Notice - Mr Laurie Stephenson

It is with much sadness that we advise of the passing of ASHS Gold Member, Laurie Stephenson from Grafton, New South Wales.

Laurie passed away peacefully with his wife of 59 years, Elaine by his side on Thursday, 6th September 2018.
Laurie joined the Society in 1972. He was a successful and passionate campdrafter and breeder of Australian Stock Horses. His partnership with his beloved grey stallion, BLUE MOON MYSTIC - IS HSH was legendary and together they put together a long list of achievements including winning the Warwick Gold Cup in 1980 and the Canning Downs in 1988.

Ever the gentleman, Laurie will be sadly missed by his family and many friends.

Directors and staff of the Australian Stock Horse Society would like to offer their sincere condolences to the family.
Our thoughts are with Elaine at this time.

Laurie’s funeral will be held on Friday, 14th September at 11am at the Anglican Church in Grafton.

Letter from ASHS Chairman of the Board, 2018 AGM, First Cross Stallions & DNA Testing

Dear Members,

As your incoming Chairman of the Board, I would like to take this opportunity to remind people that being a Member of Australia’s largest equine recreational and pleasure association comes with the backing of worldwide brand recognition. Our great horses have been recognised for their versatility and outstanding temperament on a world stage, supported by a studbook that traces our heritage lines back over the past 100 years. Being registered with the ASHS gives you the breeding integrity associated with our Stud Book. Mandatory DNA testing of sire registered stallions has given us a strong DNA profile for many of our horses. This technology was not available when our Society started.

At our recent AGM, two Motions were presented to Members to vote, in person or by Proxy. Motion 5, related to a change to the Society’s Constitution, clause 11 - Stud Book, in its entirety. Being a change to the Constitution, 75% of Members eligible to vote at the AGM was required for the change to be adopted. The motion was narrowly defeated. Motion 6, related to the reintroducing of registration of First Cross stallions under the Rules and Regulations. This was not a change to the Constitution, it was an opportunity for the Board to obtain feedback from Members in regards to the re-introduction of registration for First Cross Stallions. With slightly over 50% of the vote, the Motion was carried by Members. However, any changes to Rules and Regulations must be endorsed by the Board at a Board Meeting.

Following the feedback from Members, the Board discussed the result of the Members’ vote for Motion 6 at the Board Meeting and have agreed with the reintroduction of First Cross stallions. It will now be a process for the Stud Book Committee to recommend amendments to the Rules and Regulations for final adoption by the Board at a future Board Meeting. As part of this process, the Stud Book Committee and Board will define the procedure, criteria and fees for First Cross stallions, including inspection, parentage verification, genetic testing and the like. Once the regulation amendments and fees are adopted by the Board, Members will be advised through the Society’s official mediums - ASH Journal, Society’s Website and Members’ E-newsletter. After this process is complete, Members will then be eligible to submit applications in due course.

Our Society reinvests substantial money back into our Members through sponsorship and prizemoney. We also invest in many Youth initiatives involving camps, coaching, State and National competitions and our own National Youth Show. Recently we have introduced our National and International Youth Exchange program, giving our aspiring young riders an added incentive to belong to our wonderful Society. I would like to see our outstanding young Members be rewarded for their efforts by being given the opportunity to travel to the USA, Canada or New Zealand as young ambassadors for our Society.

Major campdrafts have also been recipients of substantial sponsorship and our own ASHS National Show campdraft program offer prizemoney and trophies valued at over $63,000. The ASHS will be a major Sponsor at next year’s World Cup Polocrosse tournament in Warwick, QLD. The majority of horses playing will be registered ASH horses and will present as a great spectacle and will be a great advertisement for our breed on a world stage.

Finally, many of you may have recently received an introductory letter from a group calling themselves Equine Performance Registry of Australia. The ASHS has operated for nearly 50 years and highly values the relationship with you… our Members. I would encourage you to make an informed decision based on facts and experience, not ideologies.

Thank you for your continued support, and I look forward to serving the Membership in my new capacity.

Kind Regards,
Larry Cutler - ASHS Chairman of the Board

2018 ASHS Annual General Meeting

The 2018 Annual General Meeting will be held on Saturday, 28th July 2018 at Oaks on Collins, 480 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria. Registrations and morning tea will commence at 9:30am with the Meeting to commence at 10am.

The Notice of Meeting containing Resolutions and Proxy Forms will be available to members 21 days prior to the meeting. Proxy Forms and Questions on Notice Forms will also be available on our website.

If you have any questions regarding the Meeting please contact Lynne O’Connor at Head Office on (02) 6545 1122 or email

ASHS Art Union Raffle Winners

All proceeds from the Art Union Raffle will go to supporting and developing the Society’s Youth Programs such as the Annual National Youth Point Score, Youth Camps and Clinics, the National Youth Exchange Program and Stan’s Stable Kids Club. The Society promotes and supports Youth Members who compete in a wide range of equine disciplines throughout Australia and overseas. The ASHS is constantly developing and improving our programs and initiatives to maximise opportunities for our Youth Members both Nationally and Internationally.

Congratulations to the following Raffle winners:
1st: Oliver Gray, Warwick QLD (Isuzu D-Max)
2nd: Stephen Dobinson, Talmalmo NSW (UHD TV)
3rd: Danielle Ternes, Jindabyne NSW ($500 ASHS Gift Pack)

The Society would like to thank all those who supported our Youth Members via the Art Union Raffle.

ASHS Stud Book - Compulsory Tests For Genetic Disorders

Some Australian Stock Horses have been identified as carriers of HERDA - Hereditary Equine Regional Dermal Asthenia. It is a severe skin disorder, causing blistering and lesions, leading to secondary infections and early death. HERDA can be traced through Quarter Horse lineage to a mare called Miss Taylor (born in the USA in 1933), the dam of influential Quarter Horse sire, Poco Bueno. Members should research the disorder before breeding. The AQHA requires horses to be tested and results are available on the AQHA database.

On 9th March, the ASHS Board discussed Genetic Disorders and how to manage them - OLWS, HYPP, HERDA, PSSM1, MH, GBED. They agreed, management is paramount. For further information and key points relating to sire registered stallions, progeny of horses testing positive (carrier or affected) and registration of progeny born after 1st August 2020 (must be negative) as adopted by the Board - click here.

Click to hear from Dr Natasha Hamilton of Equine Genetics Research Centre - Racing Australia, who provides some insight into the work that they do and how they are partnering with the Society to assist with the recent adoption of DNA testing for hereditary diseases.

Stallion Owners Notice

  • All Sire Registered stallions must be tested for Genetic Disorders by 1st August 2019. Results will be noted on the horse’s registration. 
  • Stallions or colts being Sire Registered will require Genetic Disorder Testing.  Any horse returning a Positive Test (carrier or affected) will be REJECTED for Sire Registration.
  • Stallion owners can test their stallions now, enabling results to be disclosed to mare owners before mating.

Draft Proposal For Stud Book Changes - 2018 AGM

The Board are reviewing ways of improving the integrity of the Society’s Stud Book. Part of these discussions, include a vision to introduce a Breeding Appendix for mares and stallions. As a result of these discussions, a special resolution will be presented to Members at the 2018 Annual General Meeting to remove Clause 11, STUD BOOK of the SOCIETY’S CONSTITUTION in its entirety and a replacement clause has been drafted and is currently available for Members to review.  

Click to view the current Constitution for The Australian Stock Horse Society

Click to view the recommended replacement clause

Click for further information on the introduction of a Breeding Appendix

The draft changes to the Constitution will be finalised at the May Board Meeting as a Special Resolution for the 2018 Annual General Meeting. The resolution adopted by the Board at the May Meeting will be presented to the Members at the 2018 Annual General Meeting for Members to vote.

Funeral Notice - Mr William Wilson (Bill)

It is with much sadness that we advise of the passing of Mr William Wilson of Gloucester, New South Wales.

William who was known as Bill, joined the Society in 1972. He was a Gold Member of the Society and a passionate breeder of Australian Stock Horses under the KYWONG Prefix.

Directors and staff of the Australian Stock Horse Society would like to offer their sincere condolences to the family.

Our thoughts are with Bill's family at this time.

Relatives and friends are respectfully invited to attend Bill's Funeral Service to be held in the Cattle Pavilion, Gloucester Showground, Gloucester on Monday, 12th March 2018 commencing at 11am.

Funeral Notice - Mr Fraser Ramsey

It is with much sadness that we advise of the passing of Mr Fraser Ramsey of Casino, New South Wales. Directors and staff of the Australian Stock Horse Society would like offer condolences to the family.

Fraser joined the Society in 1972. He was a Gold Member of the Society and a passionate breeder of Australian Stock Horses. Our thoughts are with his family at this time.

His service will be held Friday, 16th February 2018 at 11am at the Casino Showground.