The following are archived News reports.

International Performance Award

The International Performance Award is for an Australian Stock Horse (residing in Australia or overseas) that has gained outstanding international recognition. This award is given at the discretion of the Board, and may not be presented annually.

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TREWARRIC IMPULSE ("Banjo") celebrated at 2012 Emirates Stakes Day

On 10th November at the famed Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne, Victoria, Banjo the Australian Stock Horse was celebrated for his achievements as an ambassador for the breed.

Chairman, Joy Poole OAM, General Manager, Maree Sankey, and Victorian Directors, Gordon Nash and Peter Jelliff were on hand to present the 2011 Westpac Star of the Year Trophy to Banjo's owner, John Patterson and rider, John Letts.

Click here to view the story of Banjo. Footage courtesy of Channel 7.

Ontario’s First Australian Stock Horse

Canadian equine publications such as The Rider and Avalon are spreading the news that the province of Ontario, Canada is celebrating their new horse breed... the Australian Stock Horse!

You can read the article published in The Rider magazine below, or click here to view the scanned article.

‘The Breed For Every Need’ is The Australian Stock Horse Society’s motto for this very new breed to North America.  These horses have been selectively bred for generations in Australia, but with the Society just celebrating their 40th anniversary in 2011, this is one of the youngest associations out there today for horses. These are very athletic, versatile horses; adapting to just about any climate or situation. They are known for their good looks, overall balance, cow sense, brains and athleticism. They are able to be calm and quiet enough for a young child to ride, and then are able to step it up for an adult to win a competition on. 

BRUMBYSRUN COOL AVALON (USA) is Ontario’s first registered Australian Stock Horse (ASH). She came to Double T Performance Horses as a yearling in October 2011, from imported stock in California. When I finally met my first Australian Stock Horse in person, who just happened to be the filly I had bought sight unseen, not only did she have the personality that Australian Stock Horses are known for, but we were extremely surprised at her overall balance and good looks for a yearling. She wasn’t the usual gangly and awkward juvenile like most yearlings we were used to seeing. Instead, she was a mature looking horse in a shorter package.

As we got to know her over the winter, we saw the brave, curious nature of these horses come out in her. She was also very laid back, extremely trainable, friendly (to both humans and other horses) and athletic. Being involved with cutting horses for many years, I was curious to see how she would compare to my yearling cutting bred filly she was pastured with. She definitely did not disappoint! She turned out to be just as athletic as a top bred cutting prospect. 

With there only being a handful of breeders of these horses in North America, this is a very new breed over here. They are being used from everything from polo to endurance riding, halter to in-hand trail, working cow horse to reining. These horses are truly the “Breed For Every Need”.

Avalon is a great ambassador of the breed and here at Double T Performance Horses, we couldn’t be happier with her. It’s been a long journey, but we are finally going to see all our hard work come to life with Ontario’s first bred and born Australian Stock Horse cross arriving in 2013. 

You can see more about Avalon and ASH’s at or on our facebook page under Double T Performance Horses.

Pictured: BRUMBYSRUN COOL AVALON (USA). Photo: Linda McCormick

All properties in NSW with one or more resident horses must have a PIC

From 1 September 2012, all properties in NSW with one or more resident horses must have a Property Identification Code (PIC).

Following the equine influenza (EI) outbreak in 2007, a task-force representing all major NSW horse industry groups (including racing, eventing, breed and show societies) recommended to Governments that PICs for horse properties be introduced. This decision was based on the recognition that it is essential in an emergency involving horses to know where horses are located.

The initial response to EI was hampered by not knowing the location of horses, especially where there were high concentrations of horses. It is likely that the disease would have been controlled more rapidly if we had been able to target areas with the highest density of horses for surveillance and vaccination.

As a result of this industry consensus, the Chief Veterinary Officers from all jurisdictions agreed in 2008 that PICs should be mandatory for properties with one or more horses.

In 2009, the Australian Horse Industry Council (AHIC) strongly expressed its support for the introduction of PICs for properties where horses are kept to the NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI).

PICs are a well-established national system of property registration used by all States and Territories for other livestock. Many horse properties would already have a PIC as they run other livestock or pay rates to Livestock Health and Pest Authorities (LHPAs). Extending PICs to all horse properties makes low-cost use of existing administrative systems and databases.

The introduction of a PIC system for horse properties brings NSW into line with Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory which already have this requirement.

Please note that the introduction of PICs for horse properties DOES NOT mean that horses will be subject to any requirements of the National Livestock Identification Scheme (NLIS). It is not mandatory to supply a PIC before a horse can be bought, sold or moved, nor record the horse’s movement on the NLIS database. However, it would be good practice for horse owners to keep a diary or other record of where their horse has been, which ideally would include the PIC of the property or event ground.

In time, sections of the horse industry, as part of a biosecurity risk mitigation strategy, may require entrants to provide the PIC of the property the horse normally resides on when attending an event. This has already been introduced in Queensland and for some events in Victoria. It is this industry requirement that is expected to encourage the uptake of PICs for horse properties in NSW. It is not the intention of NSW DPI or LHPAs to enforce compliance from September 1 and we expect that industry will encourage compliance over time as best practice.

The requirement for PICs for horse properties has been introduced primarily for the benefit and protection of the horse industry. The NSW Minister for Primary Industries has recently written to the AHIC thanking them for their strong support for the introduction of PICs for horse properties and requested that their support for PICs be conveyed to NSW AHIC members. NSW is the state with the largest horse population and possibly the largest economic impact if another disease outbreak occurred, so biosecurity measures such as PICs increases the knowledge and contact with the horse industry, which is a positive step.

Property and horse owners can apply for a PIC by contacting their local Livestock Health and Pest Authority, or applying on line. More information is also available in the Frequently Asked Questions for horse owners on the LHPA website.

To download the official flyer please click here.

2012 Members Forum - Responses to Questions on Notice

A Members Forum was held during the 2012 Annual General Meeting in Melbourne, Victoria. Members were invited to send in Questions on Notice, for response by the Board of Directors. Responses to the Questions on Notice are now available to download.

Click here to download the Responses to Questions on Notice.

ASHS Policy On Use Of Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites such as Facebook have become an increasingly popular means of communication in recent times and have facilitated widespread communication between people without the geographical barriers that have previously existed to such communications.

Of course, there are problems inherent in the use of technology in this way and I wish to alert Members to a serious problem that the Society has recently encountered, and the policy that has now been adopted by the Society to prevent similar situations arising in the future.

A recent event conducted by the Society was the subject of a widespread and heated exchange of communications on Facebook during which, unfortunately, a number of derogatory, scurrilous and in some cases defamatory comments were made about certain circumstances and certain individuals.

The Society will not tolerate the use of social networking sites to facilitate or broadcast denigration of the Society or individuals within it, whether they be Directors or Members. The Society's Articles, Rules and Events Handbook contain long-standing provisions which provide a formal avenue for the making of complaints and for the hearing of them. These cover the conduct of individuals, both Members or Directors, and the conduct of Judges, breeders and competitors.

These provisions have been established to provide a fair and just means for Members to complain about matters of concern to them, and a framework for the complaints to be properly and constructively dealt with and for disciplinary action, if warranted, to be taken. The provisions are necessary to maintain the integrity the Society as a strong, cohesive and reputable organisation. That is to the benefit of all of us.

The Board has now adopted a policy to the effect that the making of derogatory, derisive, inflammatory and defamatory comments relating to the Society or any of its events, Members or Directors may be referred to the Disciplinary Committee as conduct that is unbecoming of a Member and/or prejudicial to the interests of the Society. The Disciplinary Committee constituted under Article 25 of the Society's constitution has the power to exercise disciplinary powers in appropriate cases, including the impositions of fines, suspension of membership and even expulsion.

I would ask all Members to support the Society in achieving its aims and objectives in this regard.

The Chairman,
The Australian Stock Horse Society Limited.

New General Manager Appointed

The Board of The Australian Stock Horse Society Ltd is pleased to announce the appointment of Maree Sankey as its new General Manager.

Ms Sankey, who joined the Society as Office Manager in 2007, takes on the General Manager position in a permanent capacity after acting in the role for the past six months.

Click here to download the full Media Release

Horse Welfare Policy

The Australian Stock Horse Society has adopted the Australian Horse Industry Council's Australian Horse Welfare Protocol. The Australian Horse Welfare Protocol was developed by representatives from national horse organisations and state horse councils. The protocol sets out how Australian horse organisations, collectively and individually, will voluntarily act to promote horse welfare and wellbeing.

Click here to download the Australian Horse Welfare Protocol
Member comments are welcome:

Raffle at 2012 Barastoc Polocrosse Nationals supports Warwick RDA

The Australian Stock Horse Society, in partnership with Barastoc, held a raffle at the 2012 Polocrosse Nationals in Warwick. The prize was 5 bags of Workhorse, 1 bag of Equijewel, and a sports bag, polo shirt and torch from the ASHS.

The winner was Annette Barnett from Singleton, NSW. Annette's son Josh played No.1 in the winning NSW Junior Mixed team, and his horse BARNLODGE DIDGET was awarded Champion Horse in that division. Over $150 was raised for Warwick RDA, and Barastoc donated 10 bags of feed to them as well.

Pictured from left to right: Acting General Manager of The Australian Stock Horse Society, Maree Sankey, raffle winner, Annette Barnett, Account Manager of Ridley Agriproducts (Barastoc), Craig Neale.

2012 Sydney Royal Easter Show Results

Congratulations Philip Main and MAINS LOCHLAN, winners of the R.M.Williams Trophy Bridle for the Most Versatile Australian Stock Horse Exhibit ridden by a youth under 18yrs, at the 2012 Sydney Royal Easter Show.

Congratulations Teena Bridge and CEE DEE BRACELETTE, winners of the R.M.Williams Trophy Saddle and Breast Plate for the Most Versatile Australian Stock Horse Exhibit at the 2012 Sydney Royal Easter Show.

Congratulations to our State and National Youth Judges at the 2012 Sydney Royal Easter Show.
NSW State Youth Judging winner: Brittany Hetherington, Gloucester NSW
National Youth Judging winner: Sarah Small, Loganholme QLD

Another Australian Stock Horse clean sweep of the campdrafts at the 2012 Sydney Royal Easter Show.
World Championship Campdraft: Mark Palmer on PALMERS COOL SPECIAL
Highest WCC Cut Out: Nigel Kable on CHEVIN IVORY
Highest Score in any WCC Round: Warwick Lawrence on CEDAR DOWNS MINIMAX
Small Arena Campdraft for Open Riders: Ken MacCallum on BROWN VICTORY - HSH
Small Arena Campdraft for Lady Riders: Fiona Jamieson on BINNIA IMPRESSIVE DESTINY
Small Arena Campdraft for Youth Riders: Philip Main on MAINS RICHOCHET

Members donate $3,415 to Equine Research in 2011/12

Thank you to all our renewing Members in the past 12 months, who have raised a total of $3,415 in Equine Donations for the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation (RIRDC). An update on the equine research funded by Member donations will be published in an upcoming issue of the Australian Stock Horse Journal.

Visit the RIRDC website for more details on current equine research projects.

Polocrosse - A Family Affair

Above left: The McGrath family of (from left) Keely, Jordan, Sally and Paul, are gearing up for all the action of the 2012 Barastoc Polocrosse Nationals, being held in Warwick from April 23 to 29.
Above right: Sally and Paul McGrath, of Greenmount, will again don their maroon uniforms to play for Queensland.

Polocrosse is very much a family affair where Paul and Sally McGrath are concerned. The two experienced players will don their maroon uniforms once again for Queensland at the 2012 Barastoc Polocrosse Nationals, being held in Warwick next month from April 23-29.

Paul and Sally are both members of the Warwick Polocrosse Club, and have notched up 20 Polocrosse Nationals between them. With their two daughters, Keely and Jordan, who both compete as juniors for the Warwick Club, the family will be spending plenty of time concentrating on polocrosse over the next six weeks.

The couple live and work on the 210 hectare Darlington Stud, at Greenmount on the Darling Downs, and are both seasoned campaigners when it comes to the physical horse sport. Both have represented Australia in polocrosse, with Paul playing in 1994 in a Men's test series, and Sally touring New Zealand in 2002 with the Australian Women’s side, as well as playing at the World Cup in 2003.

Paul will be competing this year on eight year old mare KILDARE BELLE, owned by Charlie Brook, and is raring to go as captain of the Queensland Open Men's side.

'This is the best chance [of winning] we’ve had in a while. I’m really looking forward to playing. It will be a great Nationals,' Paul said. 'I have some fantastic memories from my years in polocrosse. The highlight has been the people we’ve met and it has taken us all around Australia.'

Sally agrees wholeheartedly, and also believes her Open Mixed team are “a good chance” to take out this year’s title.
'I’m really happy to have been selected on my six year old gelding HAYDON APOLLO, who only had his first season of polocrosse last year,' she said.

For more information on the 2012 Barastoc Nationals visit

Smiff Float Raffle Winner

Congratulations to Mr Ian Rush of Aroona Station, Katherine NT, who has won the 2012 Smiff Industries Float Raffle. The raffle raised over $18,000 for The Australian Stock Horse Society Youth Programme, which funds training clinics, camps and awards for Youth Members. Thank you to everyone who bought tickets in the raffle, and thank you to Smiff Industries for their generous support of The Australian Stock Horse Society.

EXCLUSIVE OFFER for all Australian Stock Horse Society Members
Receive $500 off the total price of your purchase of your NEW horse float or gooseneck. Conditions apply. Proof of current membership of the Australian Stock Horse Society must be provided at the time of purchase.

Click here to visit the Smiff Industries website.

$367 raised for the David Rixon Memorial Fund

Thank you to everyone who bought show programmes and Fountain of Youth sale catalogues at the 2012 National Championship Show. $367 was raised for the David Rixon Memorial Fund. Senior Constable David Rixon of the Tamworth Highway Patrol was fatally shot on Friday 2nd March 2012, while undertaking his duties.

Click here for more details on the David Rixon Memorial Fund.

Protect your Venue, Protect your Sport: Meet Cattle Tick Movement Requirements

The NSW Department of Primary Industries are implementing compliance audits throughout New South Wales to ensure all Queensland stock owners have carried out the correct requirements for entry to New South Wales.

Click here to view the Department’s guidelines on ‘The do's and don'ts of moving horses from QLD and NSW’

Click here to download an information brochure on ‘The do's and don'ts of moving horses from QLD and NSW’

USA Branch of Australian Stock Horse Society meets for the first time

First Australia, now the world – that’s the future for the Australian Stock Horse, with today’s historic first meeting of the USA Branch of The Australian Stock Horse Society. A five-member executive has been elected to spearhead The Australian Stock Horse Society’s international push, with all members passionate about promoting the breed in the United States.

Australian Stock Horse Society Limited Board Chairman, Ms Joy Poole OAM, said it was an important step in highlighting the strengths of the Australian Stock Horse, which is renowned for its versatility and superior performance amongst work and leisure breeds.

‘Instead of tapping into a population of 23 million, our push into the USA now means we are tapping into a population of 350 million, which augurs well for the future of The Australian Stock Horse Society,’ Ms Poole said.

‘Most of the people on The Australian Stock Horse Society’s first executive in the USA first came into contact with the breed while playing polocrosse in Australia. They recognise the breed’s incredible versatility.’

The first USA Branch Executive for The Australian Stock Horse Society comprises:

Kellee Campbell - A veterinarian, Kellee has been breeding horses for the past 20 years and stands an Australian Stock Horse stallion at her property in central Texas. Kellee has made several trips to Australia, including a week-long study of the Australian Stock Horse breed at The Australian Stock Horse Society World Championships in Tamworth in May this year.

Susan Johnson - Of the 11 horses on Susan’s 20-acre ranch in McDade, Texas, five are Australian Stock Horse crosses (four First Crosses and one Second Cross). A 44-year-old small animal veterinarian, she and her husband Paul have played polocrosse for more than 20 years.

Marilyn Murphy - A breeder of Australian Stock Horses since 2002, Marilyn had the first registered Australian Stock Horse born in the USA and the first one bred and born in the country. Marilyn has made two trips to Australia – one of which included a visit to The Australian Stock Horse Society’s Head Office in Scone – and her son and daughter have both represented the USA in Polocrosse World Cups.

John Thomson - An expat-Australian, John is one of the trailblazers for the Australian Stock Horse in the USA. He has four imported and 13 Stud Book Australian Stock Horses in his herd, and produces up to five Stud Book Australian Stock Horses each year – all of which he breaks-in and trains. A teacher by day, Aussie John is a proud advocate for the breed in the USA.

John Gleeson - Another ex-pat Aussie, John now calls Texas home and has lived in the USA for several years. John imported an Australian Stock Horse stallion, WALDRONS STARMAN, to the USA and along with his entire family is heavily involved with polocrosse in the USA.

Media Contact
Joy Poole OAM - Board Chairman, Australian Stock Horse Society Limited
Phone (02) 6577 5518 Email:

To download the full media release please click here.

Maree Sankey appointed as Acting General Manager

Following the recent resignation of Catherine Smith, Maree Sankey has been appointed as Acting General Manager of the Society. Maree has worked as Office Manager at Head Office since 2007, and looks forward to continuing to develop membership and business initiatives in her new role.

The Society congratulates Catherine on her achievements as General Manager, and wish her all the very best in her future endeavours.

Australian Stock Horse Society to remain in Scone

Over the past six months the Board of Directors of The Australian Stock Horse Society has been investigating an opportunity to relocate the Head Office to the newly developed equine precinct in Tamworth.

After thorough investigation and review of the comprehensive feasibility report, the Board of Directors resolved to retain the Head Office operation in Scone.

The Board were conscious of the long term financial commitment required to facilitate the relocation. Given the current economic climate and several other factors, including covenants on the proposed block of land, the Board have agreed it was in the best interests of the members to remain in Scone.

The Australian Stock Horse Society wants the Australian Stock Horse to have the highest profile of any breed of horse in Australia with worldwide recognition. The Society aims to preserve the heritage and identity of the Australian Stock Horse and to promote the development and popularity of Australian Stock Horses throughout Australia and the world whilst maintaining the heritage and to promote the bloodlines and high performance of the Australian Stock Horse among equestrian activities and the general public.

The Society will be working with Upper Hunter Shire Council to ensure the council continues to deliver on their commitments. It is critical that the Council’s activities and future development complement and support the aims and mission of The Australian Stock Horse Society. The Society look forward to building a stronger partnership with the Upper Hunter Shire Council.

Please click here to view the Official Media Release.

Horse Insurance Available

Affinity Insurance Brokers can now insure your Australian Stock Horse online. The new online system is quick and easy to use and can give you an 'on the spot quote'.

This new package provides Mortality cover for your horse for up to $30,000. You will then also have access to a number of options including:
• Personal Accident cover for (at least 3 riders/handlers of your horse) up to $100,000
• Public Liability cover (Australia wide)
• Horse Floats
• Veterinary Fees - cover for up to $7,500
• Harness, Saddlery & Tack

As a special offer, ASHS Members will receive a $20 discount for using the online system.

Do you want to insure your Australian Stock Horse? Please click here for more information.

Upper Hunter Equine Infrastructure under the microscope

With the recent formation of the Upper Hunter Equine Infrastructure Working Party, the group is now looking at what the shire currently has to offer the wide range of horse related activities, and what changes or improvements can be made to improve the experience for both competitors and spectators alike.

Please click here to download the Media Release from Upper Hunter Mayor, Lee Watts.

Australian Stock Horse Society Joins the UHSC Equine Infrastructure Working Party

Australian Stock Horse Society General Manager Catherine Smith has been invited by the Upper Hunter Shire Council to join the Equine Infrastructure Working Party. The Working group met for the first time on Friday, 10th June.

Please click here to view the full media release.

HIGHLIGHTS - 40th Anniversary World Championship Show - 9th - 15th May 2011

National Futurity – ORLANGA REBA and Cole Moxey
National Maturity – COOLUM ISABEL and Geoff Wallen
ABBEY Open Challenge – OBRIENS RESETTE and Gerald O’Brien
Maiden Campdraft Series – CEDAR DOWNS UNIQUE and Warwick Lawrence
National Youth Challenge Under 13yrs – CEDAR DOWNS MINIMAX and Jack Lawrence
National Youth Challenge 13ys and Under 18yrs – CEDERVALE NOIRE and Wyatt Young

Supreme Led – GOODERAH AUSSIE GEM and Aimee Mannix
Supreme Hack – SPRINGVALE BLUEPRINT and Karen Nicoll
Supreme Working – BOBADIL OAKS GEMMA and Hannah Fotheringham

Open Campdraft – OBRIENS VEDETTE and Gerald O’Brien
Novice Campdraft – BINNIA MODEL and Troy Palmer
Stallion Campdraft – SODA JUSTICE and Michael Wilson
Ladies Campdraft – SODA JUSTICE and Jan Smith

Fountain of Youth Sale, Highest Priced Horse – Lot 3, OBRIENS CREDETTE, sold for $21,500. Vendor: O’Brien Family Partnership
To download the sales report please click here

Congratulations to all competitors, vendors and purchasers. Thank you to all Judges, staff and volunteers. A full report on the World Championship Show and Fountain of Youth Sale will be printed in the July/August Australian Stock Horse Journal, on sale from 8th July and posted out to financial Members.

Insect Borne Diseases of Horses

The Department of Primary Industries (DPI) wants veterinary practitioners to submit samples from horses displaying unexplained nervous system symptoms.

Victoria’s Acting Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr Andrew Cameron said DPI was investigating a number of cases of unexplained neurological disease in horses.

“Samples from veterinary practitioners investigating any cases of nervous system disease will help our investigation,” Dr Cameron said.

In Victoria, cases have been observed along the Murray River and in an area of approximately 50 kilometres around Ballarat.

Unexplained neurological cases have also been recently observed in South Australia and New South Wales. The main symptom in horses is ataxia or ‘wobbliness’.

“The coincidence of these cases with a period of extraordinarily high mosquito activity after a heavy rainy season, and the apparent association with proximity to water bodies is highly suggestive of arbovirus infection (i.e. ‘insect borne’ infection),” Dr Cameron said.

“Cases of neurological disease have been previously seen in horses during periods of Murray Valley Encephalitis (MVE) activity, such as in 1974.

“While recent evidence of Ross River virus infection has been detected in some of the horses sampled to date, the possibility of MVE or other arboviruses is also being investigated.

“The horse is usually a ‘dead-end’ host for mosquito-borne arbovirus infections.

“There is no risk to humans from direct contact with horses, and it is highly likely that the great majority of horses infected with arbovirus will develop no clinical symptoms.”

Horse owners are encouraged to consult with their veterinary practitioner as to means available to reduce the risk of horse exposure to mosquitoes.

“Stabling during the dawn and dusk periods of mosquito activity is a valuable strategy, and topical treatments and repellants are available,” Dr Cameron said.

“This is clearly not Hendra virus we are dealing with.

“There is no association with bat populations and the symptoms and course of illness in affected horses are unlike Hendra virus infection, which has also been ruled out by precautionary testing.”

Please click here to view the Victorian Department of Primary Industries website.
Please click here for the latest media release (7th April 2011)

NEW Annual Awards

At the recent Board of Directors meeting, the Board approved three new awards:-
Special Services AwardThis award is designed to recognize individuals that have contributed to their branch, the Australian Stock Horse breed and/or the Society over a number of years. This award can also be awarded to Members who have contributed through extraordinary single events.
Winners of the Special Services Award will receive a certificate and special pin. Multiple Special Service Awards may be given each year.
Volunteer of the Year Award – For the volunteer who has given their services to the running of Australian Stock Horse Society events and have received no remuneration. Their dedication and achievement as volunteers has been outstanding.
The winner of the Volunteer of the Year award will receive a certificate, special pin, 1 year free membership and $500 to their nominated Branch.
Branch of the Year Award – For the Branch that has achieved a high standard of performance in Member development and event management.
The winning Branch will receive $1,000.
Nominations for all three awards close Thursday 30th June 2011. The simple nomination forms can be found on the 'Forms' page.

Free Filly Available for a Flood-affected SEQ Family

The two year old chestnut filly EBONYLODGE PURE MAGIC has been generously donated by the Whitbread family of Ebony Lodge and Larry and Glenda Cutler of Karraba Park ASH Stud, to giveaway to a flood affected person or family from South East Queensland.

The filly is by KYABRA SWIFT out of OKA CONJUR, and has generations of Open campdrafters on both sides of her pedigree. She has been broken-in by Mathew Holz, and is expected to mature around 15hh. She has a quiet nature, and should be suitable for a teenager or lady.

Written submissions outlining your situation and how this filly might help your recovery are to be mailed by Friday 15th April, 2011 to SQMC ASHS Inc., PMB 6, St George, Qld 4487 or emailed to (Dob in a friend if you think they could do with some help.)

This offer is not restricted to current Members of The Australian Stock Horse Society, but the successful applicant will be expected to become a Member of the Society.

Also available (for flood affected ASHS members only): small and large hay bales, or financial assistance for fencing, etc. For further enquiries contact your Branch President or John Lyons Ph: 07 4625 7522 or email

National Horse Organisations Welcome Agreement

In a joint statement, representatives of four national horse organisations today welcomed news that agreement had been reached, that will enable them to formally sign the Emergency Animal Disease Response Agreement (EADRA) in early March.

The four bodies to sign the EADRA on behalf of the racing, performance and recreation sectors are:

  • Australian Racing Board
  • Harness Racing Australia
  • Australian Horse Industry Council
  • Equestrian Australia.

A meeting of all Australian governments and major livestock industries last week agreed that the horse industry should be admitted to the EADRA – providing greater certainty in rapidly mounting a response to a future exotic disease affecting horses.

Please click here to view the full media release.

Stallion Services Donated for the Horsezone Flood Relief Auction in conjunction with Equestrian Australia have gatherd over 100 stallion services to be auctioned online from Monday 14 to Friday 18 February. The proceeds will be used to help those horses and their owners affected by the recent floods throughout Australia.

Horse Deals First Aid Flood Appeal

While the equine fatality rate from the Queensland floods continue to rise, so too are the number of horses injured by debris and fencing from this catastrophic event.

To assist in the recovery of these injuries, Horse Deals is asking for donations of new First Aid items, to reduce the impact to the horse owners.

If you are interested in making a donation or for further information please click here to download the Horse Deals flyer.

2011 Membership Renewal - Early Bird Special Winners

Congratulations to the following Early Bird Special winners:

Mrs. Robyn Hoggins of COWWARR, VIC - $1,000 Fuel Voucher
Ms. Pam Lindsay of BOWRAL, NSW - $1,000 Fuel Voucher
Mrs. Meshelle Hall of SOUTH GRAFTON, NSW - Saddle Cloth
Mr. Leslie Godfrey of STRATHALBYN, SA - Saddle Cloth
Mrs. Vanessa Weightman of WITCHCLIFFE, WA - Saddle Cloth
Mr. Geoffrey Etherington of HIVESVILLE, QLD - Saddle Cloth
Mr. Anthony Fellows of GERALDTON, WA- Saddle Cloth
Miss. Stacey McIntosh of NICHOLLS, ACT - Saddle Cloth

Dalby Sale (Updated)

The 2010 Dalby Sale was a very solid sale. The new agents, Grant Daniel and Long Pty Ltd, did a terrific job in conjunction with the Darling Downs Branch. A great result despite disruptions caused by the rain. The sale grossed $790,250 for an overall $8,064 average. The average selling prices were; mares - $9,491, colts -$15,500, geldings - $5,596.

To view the entire Dalby Sale results please click here.

Feasibility study to be completed

At the recent Board of Directors meeting, the Board resolved to undertake a feasibility study on the possible relocation of Head Office from Scone NSW to Tamworth NSW. Tamworth Regional Council are currently developing an Equine Precinct in the AELEC area. Further investigation will be carried out to determine whether the relocation to that area will be beneficial for the Society. It is envisaged that the decision making process could take up to 12 months.

ASH Clean Sweep the Warwick Gold Cup

Australian Stock Horses won all four campdraft events at the recent Warwick Gold Cup, held 25th-31st October 2010.

Ben Hall of Julia Creek, Queensland, took out the Black Toyota Warwick Gold Cup on Ken Frost’s stallion CLARKES STUD PERFECT SON, while Ben’s wife Jaye took out the C G Welding Ladies Silver Cup on HAZELWOOD LEX. Jim Daley of Goomburra, Queensland, won the Frasers Livestock Transport Stallion Campdraft on his own WESTONS YAKKA, while the Supafloats Canning Downs Campdraft was won by John Hoath on DOCS LEGACY.
The Top 10 placings in each event were dominated by Australian Stock Horses. The Top 10 results are available for download below:

Black Toyota Warwick Gold Cup
C G Welding Ladies Silver Cup
Frasers Livestock Transport Stallion Campdraft
Supafloats Canning Downs Campdraft

Sara saddles up for ride of a lifetime at AACC

Tasmania is a long way from Longreach, but a love of horses has bridged the geographic gap for 16-year-old Sara Boxhall.

The teenager set out from the northern end of Tasmania in the middle of this year for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, learning all about horses from award-winning and renowned teacher John Arnold from Australian Agricultural College Corporation.

Please click here to download the Australian Agricultural College Corporation media release.

Caption: Australian Agricultural College Corporation horse instructor John Arnold has a lifetime of experience with horses and 16-year-old student Sara Boxhall from Tasmania is benefiting from this through her Certificate III in Horse Breeding at AACC Longreach.

Branch Coaches

The Board of Directors have approved a Branch Coach accreditation program.  Branch Coaches will volunteer their time to oversee and assist Branches at Branch practice and training days. Branch Coaches are not entitled to receive any form of remuneration.
Interested Members must meet some pre-requisites and have the application endorsed by their Branch.

This accreditation course is FREE.
For further details contact Head Office.


At a recent teleconference Board of Directors meeting, the Board resolved to support the signing of EADRA and will work towards giving input into the conditions and the Levy structure. Animal Health Australia (AHA) have launched a new webpage with up to date information for horse owners on the Emergency Animal Disease Response Agreement. (EADRA).

The Board of Directors have resolved to support a levy mechanism on the sale of manufactured feed (hard feed) and  anthelmintics (worm treatments).  The Horse Industry has been given a strict timeline to have the matter resolved.   The General Manager and Chairman are available for Members and Branches for further information or discussion. Please do not hesitate to contact either Catherine Smith or John Green.

Please click here to check out the latest updates. Please click here to view the Signing the EADRA Newsletter.

2010 ASHS National Youth Show Results

On the 5th and 6th October 2010, Gloucester Branch of The Australian Stock Horse Society hosted the 2010 National Youth Show.

Please click here to download the Youth Show results.

Westpac Bank Star Of The Year Winner 2009 - HALLS RANSOM

HALLS RANSOM (ASH Reg. 165909), one of Australian Outback Spectacular’s top bred Australian Stock Horses, has taken out the prestigious Westpac Bank 'Star of the Year' award.

The Westpac Bank ‘Star of the Year’ trophy is an annual award that is awarded to an Australian Stock Horse that has been an outstanding ambassador for the Australian Stock Horse breed throughout the past year.

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EI Vaccination – What a Waste

The Australian Horse Industry Council (AHIC) has just made available a press release regarding EI Vaccinations. If you wish to read the press release, please click here.

Level 1 Coaching Accreditation Course

The Australian Stock Horse Society's Board of Directors have approved a Level 1 Coaching Accreditation Course. A course fee of $1,000 (+ GST) per participant will be payable upon acceptance into the program.

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Riders Get Back In The Saddle For Cancer

Following the success of the 2009 “Pink” Ride, the Stockman’s Hall of Fame is pleased to announce the third annual “Pink” ride in the Outback in support of breast cancer research, to be held in Longreach, Saturday 26 June 2010.

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Horse Float Raffle Result

Congratulations to Mrs Marjolijn Fitzgerald, of Walcha NSW 2354, the winner of The Australian Stock Horse Society and Smiff Industries Horse Float Raffle.

Change to the dates and venue of 2010 National Championships

Please note that the 2010 ASHS National Championships will be held at the Australian Equine & Livestock Event Centre (AELEC) in Tamworth from 14th to 16th May 2010.

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The 2010 Fountain of Youth Sale will now be held at the Nationals at AELEC on Saturday, 15th May 2010.

Commonwealth Bank Star of the Year and Prince of Wales Trophy Awarded

The Commonwealth Bank Star of the Year Trophy is an Annual Award that recognises an Australian Stock Horse which is deemed to be a good Ambassador for the Society. THE BRAES DRUMMER is the recipient for 2008. Drummer has appeared often in large public entertainments in the last seven years and his versatility certainly fits the saying "the Breed for Every Need".

The Prince of Wales Perpetual Trophy is awarded annually in recognition of an Australian Stock Horse that has achieved a number of prestigious performance awards in three event categories in a calendar year. RINGWOULD JAGUAR is the recipient for 2008. Jaguar has excelled at a National and International level in his chosen field. His courage and grace wowed audiences at the 2008 Olympic Games and he is a deserving winner of this award.

(Right Hand Photo by Julie Wilson)

Strangles Outbreak

Take note that strangles is in NSW. All states need to be on the alert. NSW DPI has advised of a number of recent outbreaks of strangles on horse properties. Advice from NSW is as follows:

Strangles – take care when introducing new horses to your property. In the last few weeks there have been several cases of strangles on horse properties in NSW have occurred after a new horse arrived on the property.

A horse can appear normal, but be incubating the disease or be a source of infection. Horses can incubate strangles infection for 3 to 8 days before appearing sick. A horse that has had strangles can remain infectious for at least 4 weeks after they recover; some may remain infectious for up to 8 months. For this reason it is important to keep new horses isolated from other horses on your property for at least 2 weeks and check them daily for signs of ill-health. It is a good idea to ask the person who last cared for the horse whether the horse has been sick in the last few months, or if it has been in contact with sick horses, and get as many details as you can.

If your horse develops a fever, snotty nose or swellings under the jaw consult your veterinarian as soon as possible.

Remember, strangles is a notifiable disease in NSW. Further information on strangles, how to prevent it, and how to report it is available at:

Strangles is only one of the notifiable diseases of horses inAustralia. Horse owners should be aware of those diseases - more information can be found on the websites of the different State Departments.

Biosecurity and Quarantine

The current outbreak of Hendra virus (HeV) on a horse property in QLD emphasises again the critical importance of observation and reporting of clinical disease in horses. Recently, outbreaks of strangles on a number of properties in NSW provide additional proof of the need for all horse owners to institute biosecurity measures on their properties. This includes isolation of all new arrivals for a suitable period to prevent introduction of any disease onto the property.

2009 ASHS Annual General Meeting Minutes

The AGM went well with over 60 Members attending - please view the photos below. The minutes of the meeting have been compiled into a pdf file for viewing and are available for download by clicking on the following link:

Please click here to download the 2009 ASHS AGM Minutes

Captions (L to R):
1. Vicki Mascord, Honorary Member Reva Flint, Jacqueline Mascord and Jean Gavin
2. Malcolm Field and Jenny Petrich
3. Presentation of the Prince of Wales Perpetual Trophy to Augusta Saunders, owner of RINGWOULD JAGUAR. Presented by Sally Scott
4. Presentation of the Commonwealth Bank Star of the Year award to Steve Jefferys and Sandy Langsford, owners of THE BRAES DRUMMER. Presented by Malcolm Field.
5. Honorary Member Reva Flint with David Wilson
6. Cecilia Gavin, General Manager Catherine Smith and Maree Sankey
7. Jean Gavin and John Lyons

New Patron for the Society

The Governor-General, Her Excellency Ms Quentin Bryce AC, Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia has accepted the position of Honorary Patron of The Australian Stock Horse Society.

Australia Takes Silver in Team Eventing at Hong Kong

Australia won the Olympic silver medal in the team eventing Tuesday night, after being narrowly pipped for gold by Germany.

Sonja Johnson, riding Australian Stock Horse RINGWOULD JAGUAR, recorded a score of 58.80 in the team showjumping.

"I know I don't always ride the prettiest round in the world but the prettiest thing we were after is that zero (penalties) on the board," she said. "So therefore I think it's probably been one of the prettiest rounds of the night."

Winner of the Victorian Bushfire Fundraising Raffle

The raffle was drawn over the weekend of the 2009 National Championships. The lucky winner of the brown gelding, STOCKHAVEN LUCKY STAR, was Mr Jason Fry from Bunyip North in Victoria. Congratulations! It was lucky for Jamie that a friend of his was competing at the Nationals and was able to take Luck Star to his new home.

Thank you to all who bought tickets for the raffle and most especially to Peter and Kerrie Allan for donating Lucky Star. Thanks must also go to all who helped make it happen. The money raised will go to those in need after the devastating Victorian Bushfires.

Horse Float Raffle Winner

Congratulations to Mr Ashley Jennings from Queensland whose name was drawn as the winner of the ASHS/Smiff Industries Horse Float Raffle.

2009 Membership Renewal Winners

Congratulations to the following Members:

$2,000 Travel Voucher Winner:
Allison Blackshaw, Victoria

ASHS Saddle Cloth Winners:
Rodney Kings, Queensland
Dennis Neal, Victoria
Le-Roy Trengove, New South Wales
Kelly Butterworth, South Australia
John McFadden, New South Wales
Raymond Schmidt, Queensland


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