Member Branches

The Society has Branches throughout Australia, covering all States and Territories. Branches conduct competitions and activities for Members in their area and assist in promoting the breed within the horse industry.

Select the State or Territory from the map below to view the Branch and contact person in your area.

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Branch Membership

Branch Membership is available to all financial Members of The Australian Stock Horse Society.

Click here and download the Society's Membership Application Form. Once you have submitted your completed Application Form and you have been made a financial Member of the Society, contact your chosen Branch to inquire about Branch Membership.

Branch Handbook

The Branch Handbook contains the Rules and Regulations for the Australian Stock Horse Events and Competitions for The Australian Stock Horse Society, as approved by the Board of Directors, and is effective from the 1st October 2008.

The Branch Handbook is available for download as separate sections or as a complete book below:

Branch Handbook Index
Branch Handbook Section 1
Branch Handbook Section 2
Branch Handbook Section 3
Branch Handbook Section 4
Branch Handbook Section 5
Branch Handbook Section 6
Branch Handbook Section 7
Branch Handbook Section 8
Branch Handbook Section 9

Click here to download the complete Branch Handbook.

ASHS Horse Welfare Policies

Horse welfare is related to the general care and well-being of horses and is not limited to extreme cases of neglect. Event organisers need to be aware of the wider community expectations in relation to how horses are generally cared for and treated. It is important that event organisers consider the general well-being of horses when attending Australian Stock Horse events. With increased digital technology and electronic media, an unfortunate accident involving a horse could make global headlines for all the wrong reasons. As a result, it is important that event organisers have a response plan for any situation, as well as the general welfare of any horse attending the event.

All Branches and Management Councils need to appoint a person or persons to officiate at their ASH event or activity as a Horse Welfare Officer. The Society’s Horse Welfare Officer policy will assist organising committees in being prepared for situations and it outlines situations that should NOT be considered humane or good horsemanship and should not be tolerated. It also gives advice on what items to have available in the case of an emergency

Visit the ASHS Horse Welfare Policies page for more information and to read the Policies and Protocol.

ASHS Child Protection National Policy
The Child Protection Policy guides volunteers, committees, paid personnel and officials on how to behave with children and young people in our organisation. The policy focuses on how we can promote children’s participation in our organisation and make it a safe and secure environment for them. If you are involved with Youth in anyway within the Society you should ensure you are conversant with this Policy. In particular, all Branch Executive’s should ensure they are conversant with the Child Protection Policy and involve youth in making decisions about matters that will directly affect them.

Please ensure your Branch takes the necessary time to identify and appoint a Child Welfare Officer who will be responsible for managing Working with Children Checks (WWCC) and the first point of contact in the event of an incident.

Visit the ASHS Child Protection Policy page for more information and to read the Policy.

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Youth Development Programme

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Management Council Funding


Honorary Life Membership
Honorary Life Membership is the highest recognition given to members by the Australian Stock Horse Society Limited. Recommended by the Board of Directors, Honorary Life Members are those members who:

  • have made an outstanding contribution over a period of time that has influenced the Australian Stock Horse Society in the breeding of the Australian Stock Horse; or
  • the administration or promotion of the Society from Branch to National and International level.

Nominations for Honorary Life Membership can come from the Board or from the Branches through State Management Council. Benefits of Honorary Life Membership include complimentary membership including voting rights. Honorary Life Membership is awarded to a person or persons not a company or partnership.

State Service Awards

A nominee for this award would be a financial member who has given valuable service to a Branch, State or Territory of the Society.

To be eligible the financial member would have had to be actively involved with the Society at a Branch, State, Territory level for a number of years (for example 10 years).  A member is eligible for only one State Service Award.

A candidate for this award may be nominated by a Branch and must be submitted through the appropriate State Management Council, or may be nominated direct by State Management Council, to the Board.

Awarding of the State Service Award will be at the discretion of the Board of Directors.