Publication Conditions

Every care is taken to reproduce accurately editorial material and advertisements supplied to the Australian Stock Horse Journal for publication. However, no responsibility will be accepted by the Chief Executive Officer of The Australian Stock Horse Society for late publication of editorial material or for errors made by contributors in such items as show results.

Opinions expressed by contributors are their own, and are not necessarily those of the Chief Executive Officer or of the Society.

The right is reserved to edit contributions to suit the style of the Journal, or to fit in the available space.

Advertisements are accepted by email, fax or mail, or by telephone followed by confirmation in writing, subject to the following conditions:

  • No guarantee is given regarding the positioning of advertisements, unless loading for a special position such as for inside front or back cover, has been paid.
  • Chief Executive Officer and/or The Australian Stock Horse Society expressly disclaims all responsibility and liability for errors in advertising material or for the subsequent effects. However, if brought to our attention before closing dates for advertisements in the next publication, errors MADE BY US in advertisements will be adjusted free of charge.
  • If any advertiser advertising in consecutive issues of the Journal, at any time fails to supply copy within the copy deadlines, it is understood and agreed that the last copy supplied shall be repeated.