Standard of Excellence

The following Standard of Excellence is based on the original ASHS description of 'The Australian Stock Horse' from 1971.

  • Head alert and intelligent with broad forehead, full, well-set eyes, wide nostrils. A fine, clean gullet, allowing plenty of breathing room.
  • A good length of rein, well set into the shoulder.
  • Sloping shoulder, not too heavily muscled, a well-defined wither slightly higher than the croup.
  • Deep chest, not too wide in proportion, but showing plenty of heart room.
  • Ribs well sprung and back strong and of medium length in proportion.
  • In forelegs, forearms well developed, cannon bones slightly flat, pasterns short and slightly sloping.
  • Hindquarters strong, rounded and well muscled, nicely sloping to give a full line from croup to hock. Hocks broad, flat and clean, the cannon relatively short with well-defined tendons. The hind legs well under when standing.
  • The Hooves hard and in proportion to the size of the horse, with a wide heel and feet straight.
  • The whole of these component parts to be in balance according to the size.
  • Preferred heights between 14 and 16 hands.

An artist's impression of the Australian Stock Horse Standard of Excellence is pictured below. (Artist: Deidre Hunt)