2018 Financial Report & Annual General Meeting

2018 Financial Report

The 2018 ASHS Financial Report and Notice of Annual General Meeting is now available.

Click to download the Financial Report, Notice of AGM, Buffet Dinner Order Form, AGM Agenda and Proxy Form.

If you require a printed copy of the Financial Report then please contact the ASHS Office via email at info@ashs.com.au
or phone (02) 6545 1122 during normal business hours.

2018 AGM Agenda and Proxy Form Update

Dear Members,

Please note the additional Motion 6 - First Cross Stallions. Whilst this Motion does not effect the Constitution, the Board is providing Members with the opportunity to vote on the reintroduction of registration of First Cross Stallions.

Kind regards,

David Gatwood - ASHS Chief Executive Officer

2018 AGM Questions on Notice

A Members Forum will be held at the 2018 Annual General Meeting.The Members Forum will consist of the Question/s on Notice and the Board’s response. Question/s on Notice must be lodged with the Chief Executive Officer no later than 4:00pm on Friday, 20th July 2018.

Click here to download the Questions on Notice Form.

AGM Venue & Start Time

The 2018 Annual General Meeting will be held on Saturday, 28th July at Oaks on Collins, 480 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria. Registrations and morning tea commencing 9am with the Meeting to commence at 9:30am.

AGM RSVP & Catering

The 2018 AGM is a catered meeting so it is important that you RSVP to Lynne O’Connor at the Society’s Head Office on (02) 6545 1122 to ensure that enough refreshments will be available and to ensure any dietary requirements are met.

Buffet Dinner - Details

The Buffet Dinner will commence at 6:30pm at Oaks on Collins. Tickets are $55 per person and can be purchased by completing the form within the 2018 Financial Report and returning it to Head Office. Alternatively, you can phone Lynne O’Connor on (02) 6545 1122 to purchase your tickets.


If you wish to stay at Oaks on Collins, a discounted rate is available when booking online at www.oakshotels.com. To redeem this discount ensure you use the Promo Code ASHS.

Important Notice to the Members

I have read a number of comments being distributed via Facebook regarding the changes being put forward by the Board regarding registrations at the AGM in Melbourne. The majority of these comments are not at all accurate with what the Board is asking the Membership to vote on at the AGM.

The Board has been debating and consulting with the Membership on a number of issues that have led to changes that they believe will address the evolution of the Society in the future and the concern of Members about other horse breeds taking over the Society and diluting or changing what an Australian Stock Horse is and recognising the bloodlines and heritage of Stock Horses properly.

What is the resolution that will be voted on?

The resolution, if adopted, will see the formal establishment of a Heritage Stud Book. We currently only assess registered horses for a heritage status. It will also see the development of a Breeding Appendix category that will sit at the bottom of the registration hierarchy. This category will be where we record unregistered or other breed horses for breeding purposes to establish a first cross animal. This allows the Society to inspect and DNA test these outside horses to ensure that they are of our type and are not going to introduce any genetic disorders or undesirable hereditable traits to the Society. This gives the Society two filters at the bottom end to manage the quality of introduced other breed horses or unknown breed horses that are unregistered for breeding purposes to establish quality first cross horses. The Breeding Appendix horses will never be able to upgrade into the Stud Book in the future due to the Constitutional change being voted on unless the Members vote to do that.

How does the Society manage the operation of these categories?

The Board develops regulations to manage the operation of the Constitution. Regulations that the Board have agreed on if introduced are; Breeding Appendix horses will not be allowed to be used in competition at ASHS shows, they will not be able to advertise as an ASH and they will not be recognised by the Society in anyway as an ASH.

Special Merit regulation phase out... Why?

The Society currently registers horses under a regulation known as Special Merit. This regulation is inconsistent with the mission of the Society, to promote and protect the bloodlines and the heritage of the Australian Stock Horse. A horse registered Special Merit will receive a second cross level with no real proof of breeding. Resultant progeny from SM registered horses with another Stud Book parent results in the progeny being registered into the Stud Book. The Board has identified that too many horses are getting an upgrade under this regulation to a higher status than they should be.

If the changes are carried at the AGM when do they become effective?

There will be a phase-in period of the changes so that current breeding programs based on the current regulations are completed without retrospective damage to Members financially or otherwise. At this stage 2021 would be the year of implementation. This gives breeders the opportunity to understand the new regulations and how they will need to adjust their breeding program.

Why we need to change.

We need to better manage the bottom end of our breeding registrations ie. first and second cross. The reasons include:
Strengthen the integrity of the Australian Stock Horse breeding.
Fulfil the merits of the Society, preserve the heritage...
Have a filter and control at the bottom end over what we accept to minimise the introduction of poor types, heritable traits that are unwanted, genetic disorders etc.

What about Clones?

Some Members have raised the issue of clones; the above changes have nothing directly to do with clones. In fact, clones are the least of our worries. There are zero cloned Stock Horses in Australia that the Society is aware of. There are no clones of any description registered with the Society. We can't register clones by way of our regulations. Our regulations do not allow for clones to be registered. We are not registering clones. I hope I have made this clear enough...

The Society has registered progeny by a clone. The reason is that we don't have regulations to stop that. They are currently registered as first cross horses the same as any other first cross horse. By the introduction of the Breeding Appendix, the progeny of a clone would have to meet the regulations of the Society to be registered. Our current regulations around other breeding techniques other than natural service AI or ET means that a clone can’t be registered into the Breeding Appendix, therefore a first cross from a clone won’t be able to be registered due to not meeting the first cross regulations.

The Board needs these tools to manage the Society as per the mission, Preserve the heritage and bloodlines of the Australian Stock Horse. We want our horse to maintain the traits and characteristics that our horse is founded on.

I ask that you pick up the phone and contact your Director to answer your questions properly. If you don't understand what this means to you as a breeder, Member or otherwise don't spread rumours, innuendo and false claims on Facebook or other means. I can be contacted on 0428 581929.

Craig Young - ASHS Chairman of the Board

Photo Credit: Narelle Wockner (left and right photos), Julie Wilson (middle photo)